About us

We source only quality fish, landed by small coastal vessels. Returning from fishing trips that only last hours, the catch is professionally handled to make sure the quality is optimal when delivered to our customers.

Knowledge and experience

Our foundation is the products landed by North-Norwegian fishermen, benefitting from a centuries-old tradition, with knowledge and expertise passed down from generation to generation. In addition we work with fishermen, producers and transporters to inform, teach and update them continuously of new regulations and quality standards.

The right quality, at the right price, at the right place, at the right time

Being one of the larger exporters in the North of Norway, we are continuously updated on what is happening in the market. Our experienced sales team is standing by 24 hours a day to get you the best quality. In our factories we have experienced leaders and foremen who are in continuous contact with the fishing vessels. An efficient logistic is crucial to ensure that the consumers get what they are looking and paying for. We have the experience of fresh fish transport since fresh fish was first sent by truck from Arctic Norway. – Quality seafood.

Always Norfra A/S was established in 1984. We produce and export about 12000 tons each year from the North of Norway. Our main Products is fresh white Fish, fillets, king crab and salted fish. Norfra is owned by producers, fish farmers, fishermen and employees within the Company. The mother Company, Norfra A/S, is based in Troms and have Three daughter Companies:

  • Norfra Eksport AS
    Our sales deparment
  • NordvĂĄgen AS, F-313
    Fresh fish, fillets, king crab, salted products, stockfish and biproducts
  • TorsvĂĄgbruket, T-155
    Fresh fish, fillets, salted products, dried and salted fish, stockfish and biproducts
  • Nic. Haug, N-322
    Fresh fish, salted products, stockfish and byproducts